2002 NCAA Tournament Pool


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PRIZES (118 Entries):

It's all over but the crying.  Congratulations go out to Jennifer Gaunce for a job well done.  Before some of you cynics start proclaiming "ah, another woman who picked on the basis of uniform colors" you should know that Jen's a season ticket holder for the Stanford Cardinal men's basketball team and is exceptionally knowledgeable about the game.  Mark Antolini (who was two points away from placing two entries in the top three) and Dave Fontaine round out the prize winners with some respectable consolation prizes.  

Want to check out the pick sheet of that *$@# who edged you out for sole possession of 72nd place?  Everyone's pick sheet is still available to view in Adobe PDF format.

Number of Final Four teams correctly predicted:

Breakdown of Picks to Win the Tournament: (red picks have been eliminated)

Selection Sunday is March 16, 2003, so look for brackets for the Fourth Annual Bond NCAA Pool on St. Patrick's Day next year!