2008 NCAA Tournament Pool


What a finish to the tournament! My sympathies go out to the Memphis fans and people who needed Memphis to win a prize. Just when it looked like Memphis had it all wrapped up their free throw shooting woes and failure to call a timeout at the end of regulation bit them in the rear and Kansas cut down the nets. Congraulations to all the prize winners! There were a lot of high scores in the tournament this year. I think it's the first time I've ever had an entry pick the entire Final Four correctly (all four entrants plus all three games) and not finish in the money.

1st Place - Badger1 - $975
2nd Place - BClark1 - $300
3rd Place - Jon Chi - $150
4th Place - FCauf1 - $75

Thank you all for playing. I hope you had fun. Bookmark this page and check back next year on Selection Sunday. Enjoy baseball season!


Here are all the entries in one big 150-page PDF file.  They're in alphabetical order.  This replaces the brackets page of years past.

And here are the four entries from my house (they're all out of the money, so I don't think you need to worry).

Points were awarded as follows:

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Prizes are:

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