2009 NCAA Tournament Pool


1st place - $1200 - WAMZ1

2nd place - $360 - greeny23

3rd place - $180 - The Alabama Gringo

4th place - $90 - Tmadden511

It's all over but the crying. Congratulations to this year's top four, listed above. There still has not been a wire-to-wire winner in the pool's ten-year history, but WAMZ1 sure came close. He took the lead on the first Saturday of the tournament and never relinquished it, winning by a solid seven points. A hearty congratulations to you for an impressive performance WAMZ1. A dozen benjamins are headed your way in celebration of your dominance. WAMZ1 has asked me to let those who work with him know that there will be donuts in his office tomorrow morning at the company with the big red umbrella (save me a Boston Kreme!). The other three prize winners had scores good enough to win in most years, and a special condolence goes out to pat guzzardi who lost out on $90 by virtue of losing the tiebreaker for fourth place.

I hope you all had fun this year. Check this space again in 2010 for information about next year's contest. Thanks for playing. Enjoy baseball season.


Payment report: as of Saturday April 4th I have received all the entry money! Thank you to all. The prize amounts are now official.

A couple quick notes about the standings report: note that you have a choice of five different reports to view using the "select report" drop-down menu at the upper right of each screen. You may view any player's brackets by viewing the big PDF file with all the brackets and scrolling to the entry you want or by clicking on the screenname of any entry from any of the report menus. You may also sort all the columns in any of the reports simply by clicking on the column header.

That's it for now. Good luck, and enjoy the games!


Here are all the brackets in one big PDF file. They're listed alphabetically by screenname.

Here are the five brackets from my house. Once again, they're all out of the money, so another year goes by where I don't have to worry about someone saying I fixed the outcome. I hope that year comes soon.

Points were awarded as follows:

Any other questions?  They're probably answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.  Notice how I keep bringing up the FAQ?  That's because it's because it helps both you and me out when you read it.  Please look there first.  If you still have a question after that, send me an email.

Good luck!!!

Questions?  Send me an email.