2003 NCAA Tournament Pool

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Congratulations to Jahnna Henderson, who made everyone in the Trooper, PA office proud with her pool victory.  She takes home the top prize, joining Eileen Walsh, Mark Lavoie, and Jennifer Gaunce in the Pool Winners Hall of Fame.  Jim McMillan (#3) takes home second, and Bryan Clark (#1) wins third, meaning all three prize positions are held by Travelers employees.  That's a first in this pool.  The tough luck awards go to Matthew Olsen, Jennifer Ort, and James Puppolo, who'll go home empty handed thanks to Kansas's poor free-throw shooting.  

A couple interesting notes: Syracuse defeating Kansas in the final game was both the only Final Four scenario where the pool winner didn't have the tournament winner chosen, and it was the only Final Four scenario where Commercial Surety would be shut out of the money.  

Come back to this web site next Selection Sunday, March 14th, 2004 for entry info for the 5th annual Bond NCAA Tournament Pool.  Until then, have a great year!

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In the event that the tournament is not completed because the NCAA cancels games (or, God forbid, something worse) then the following rules will apply:

If you're nostalgic for 2002, or if you just want to see what the 2003 pool web site will look like once the tournament gets going, you can check out the results of last year's pool.

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