2004 NCAA Tournament Pool


Congratulations to UConn!  Talk about a great way to end a fantastic season!  I'm certainly glad they had that big cushion at the end, but I can't blame them for easing off a bit with a 25-point lead.  Congratulations are in order for our winners:  Mark Antolini's name goes up to the rafters along with Eileen Walsh (2000), Mark Lavoie (2001), Jennifer Gaunce (2002), and Jahnna Henderson (2003).  Christine Miller tosses in a fine performance to take second, and perennial high-scorer Kevin Hughes takes third.  The tough luck award this year goes to Bryce Grissom, who finished one spot out of the money.  The idiot award goes to, well, me.  I had the lowest score of anyone who picked UConn to win.  

I hope you had fun this year.  Thanks for playing.  It's been a pleasure.


P.S. I'm totally winning the pool next year.


1st - Mark Antolini2 - 131 - $625.00
2nd - Christine Miller - 119 - $175.00
3rd - Kevin Hughes2 - 116 - $85.00

All the picks in the pool are listed here. 

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