2005 NCAA Tournament Pool


Space has been cleared in the rafters of the Olsen Center for the addition of the Patrick Guzzardi championship banner.  Patrick put in a dominating bracket, nailing three of the Final Four teams and predicting the championship matchup correctly.  He'll take home a pool-record prize of $765 for his troubles, and will join Eileen Walsh, Mark Lavoie, Jennifer Gaunce, Jahnna Henderson, and Mark Antolini in the Pool Hall of Champions.  Bryan Clark made up for a close call in the 2003 pool, which he would have won if Kansas had defeated Syracuse, with a solid 2nd place finish.  Last year's champion Mark Antolini took third place, and Attorney/Poker Guru Alex Bellino grabbed the final paying slot.  My condolences to those who finished just out of the money.  I've been there and know how it feels.


1st - Patrick Guzzardi - 127 pts. - $765
2nd - Bryan Clark #1 -121 pts. - $235
3rd - Mark Antolini #4 - 112 pts. - $120
4th - Alex Bellino #2 - 111 pts. - $60

Be sure to bookmark this site and check back next year on Selection Sunday (March 12th, 2006) for the 7th Annual NCAA Pool.  There'll be a couple changes to keep the pool size from growing too much since I've found that at about 200 entries I begin to lose my sanity.  Most notably the entry fee will move to $10 per sheet next year (there was overwhelming support for this change among those who expressed a preference).  Until then enjoy baseball season and have a great spring/summer/fall!  Thanks for playing.  I hope you enjoyed it.  See you in March.


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