2006 NCAA Tournament Pool


Congratulations to Brit O'Hara, who joins Eileen Walsh (2000), Mark Lavoie (2001), Jennifer Gaunce (2002), Jahnna Henderson (2003), Mark Antolini (2004), and Patrick Guzzardi (2005) in the Hall of Pool Champions.  Brit is part of the powerful Guzzardi Clan, which has provided the pool champion two years running.  Enjoy the prize Brit.  She was the only person in the pool to correctly predict Florida's championship run.  Doug LaBoda took second with a strong performance in the early rounds.  R.K. Blankenbicker (#1) and John Musto also finished in the money.  My condolences to those who came close but finished just outside the prizes.  I feel your pain.  Thanks to all who played.  See you in 2007!  -Matt


1st Place - 100 - Brit O'Hara - $1,180
2nd Place - 93 - Doug LaBoda - $360
3rd Place - 89 - R.K. Blankenbicker #1 - $180
4th Place - 88 - John Musto - $90


All the picks are on the picks page.  From here you can click on the name of any entrant to see a PDF file of his or her bracket.  This is also your chance to print out my bracket if you want to audit my performance throughout the pool.  You can also check out the ultra-confusing pick scan if you want to see everyone's selections on one page.

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