2007 NCAA Tournament Pool


Congratulations to Alex Badalucco on her tiebreaker victory over Chris McMillan.  Alex's name gets lifted to the rafters along with Walsh, Lavoie, Gaunce, Henderson, Antolini, Guzzardi, and O'Hara.  It's a tough break for McMillan who predicted the entire Final Four correctly in what wound up being the highest-scoring winning year ever for this pool.  Liam Fitzpatrick's score of 132 would be enough to win virtually any other year.  I'm sure he's kicking himself for backing Winthrop against the Oregon Ducks in to go to the Sweet Sixteen, since sticking with chalk there would have put him in the top spot.  Scott Nixon won a tiebreak over JP Lacombe (tiebreak: 125) to grab the last spot.

Florida defeats Ohio State
(159 points scored in title game)

1st - Alex Badalucco - 133 pts. (TB: 138) - $950
2nd - Chris McMillan -133 pts. (TB: 128) - $300
3rd - Liam Fitzpatrick - 132 pts. - $140
4th - Scott Nixon - 126 pts. (TB: 140) - $70

Congratulations to the winners!  For the rest of us, there's always next year.  Selection Sunday is March 16, 2008.  Who will cut down the nets in San Antonio?  We'll see next year.  I hope you enjoyed the pool.  Enjoy baseball season everyone!  Thanks for playing.


The statistics page is ready and updated with the final results. 

Every contestant's bracket is now available for viewing in PDF form.  If you'd like to check anyone's entry, or just print a clean copy of your own entry, that's the place to go.

Here's a copy of the final bracket.

Many of you have noted that you had problems when trying to make your picks with either Firefox or Opera (or other miscellaneous non-IE browsers).  I apologize for that.  As noted in the FAQ my current software only supports Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.  Every year I say I'm going to look for some new pool tracking software that doesn't have this weakness.  Every year I wait until the last minute and don't leave myself enough time.  I have to assume that this pool software I've been using for the last eight years has been bettered by now by some other software package.  I'm going to start looking for new software to run next year's pool right away, and hopefully it'll be more Mac- & Mozilla-friendly.  

All the picks are in PDF form here.  Here are my three brackets and Jenn's one bracket in case you want to print them now to audit the pool administrator.  However it's kind of silly to audit us at this point since all our brackets crashed and burned earlier in the tournament.  We'll finish well out of the money yet again, keeping my pool administration integrity in tact for at least one more year!

The prizes are:

Points per round are as follows:


Please read the FAQ page if you have any questions.

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